Get an analysis to see if your site is good for business or hurting your bottom line.

Handcrafted Websites and
Personalized Business Services


what we have to offer you

  1. SITE PLANNING - We can assist you in formulating long and/or short term plans to develop your website into a more effective customer service and sales vehicle.

  2. SITE ANALYSIS - Find out whether your existing website or your website plan is hitting the target or simply missing the mark. Let us clue you in to what your visitors can't ... or won't ... tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of your website.
  3. AD PLACEMENT - We will make suggestions for on site ad placements that maximize exposure and minimize the "eye clutter" factor on your site pages.
  4. SITE TESTING - We will test your website on a variety of PC desktop and laptops with different screen sizes and resolutions viewed in popular browser versions. This will allow us to uncover potential viewing quirks that could be render your site. which looks smashingly good at 1040 resolution using Internet Explorer, into a hot mess when viewed in a higher resolution using a FireFox browser.
  5. SITE DESIGN- we endeavor to work with you to bring your vision of your online presence to life and work within your budget and timeline. We will also be honest enough to tell you what you may not want to hear even if it costs us your business.
  6. SITE MAKEOVER- is your website working against the image you want to portray to visitors? does it leave visitors with a positive impression of your organization? does your website do a good job of supporting your goals and objectives? If the answer to any of these questions is no or even maybe, then it is time to take action and get professional feedback. Call us at 570-245-1010 and let us work on your behalf to develop an online presence that can work to your benefit, and not to your detriment.
  7. SITE ADMINSTRATION- don't have a web administrator on staff to handle updates and changes in site content, or to expedite tech issues/problems? Let us handle this area for you.
  8. SOCIAL MEDIA / MARKETING CAMPAIGN- we will put our wealth of sales and marketing experience to good use in working with you to develop an effective marketing campaign, and we can make recommendations on ways to utilize your off-line resources to support your online efforts. for the time pressed, tech challenged executive, we can plan and arrange (even setup your accounts) a campaign of monitoring and handling the "little details" and free you up to focus on the "big picture".
  9. SITE PROJECT MANAGEMENT- in order to thrive, your site will need to keep pace with the changing needs of your business and your site visitors. When your site is ready to move to the next stage of development, we can do the nitty gritty work for you or support your efforts if you elect to do the work yourself.
  10. EXPEDITER - we can act as your representative to other web service agencies if you run into a situation where your expectations are not being met and you want an independent assessment. We can also serve as a performance monitor and/or a go-between to protect your interests and keep you apprised of progress or lack of same.
  11. CUSTOMIZED SERVICES - we consider your individual business objectives and project requirements so that we can customize our services to suit your needs and your budget.

Common Website Mistakes

1) Site Page Consistency Issues
2) Lack Of Search Engine Optimization
3) Bloated Graphics
4) Untested in different browser versions
5) Opening multiple browser windows
6) Missing pertinent information
7) Over-crowded page content
8) No new content on a regular basis
9) Broken links
10) Site navigation is not user friendly


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