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Cherie Willoughby, is our Director of Client Services. Her experience includes design, administration and development of websites in a wide variety of fields such as: Entertainment; Construction; Property Owners' Association; Charitable Organizations; and Remanufacturing.

Cherie's professional background in Sales, Marketing and Operations, includes Customer Service management for a salon services company; and Director of Operations for a counseling services agency. Her distinguished accomplishments include being the first woman in the field of dealer sales for reknowned office products manufacturer, Esselte Pendaflex (Oxford).

Our team's experience runs the range from computer systems operations and software engineering; web design; site development; and site administration; to expertise in business operations; credit and collections; customer service; sales and marketing.

Unlike many traditional website service companies, who place their emphasis on technology, our wealth of real world business experience lends a unique depth and perspective to our ability to advise and guide our clients in a direction, which is "audience driven", first and foremost aimed at meeting the needs of their customer base and maximizing their business' sales and marketing opportunities.

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How To Increase Traffic By
Offering A Free Course

By Larry Dotson

If you have extensive knowledge on a particular subject, why not create a free course for your web site visitors. The course should be related to the theme of your web site. If you're selling business related products, you would want to giveaway a free course about business. You could offer the course in html, autoresponder, and ebook format.

HTML- Your course could be right on your web site. On one web page, create a title page and table of contents. Use clickable chapter links so they can go to the sections easily were they need the most help. You could increase your traffic by allowing people to give away the course to their web site visitors. Just have them link to your web site.

eBOOK-Your course could be in a downloadable ebook format. Include your business ad in the ebook. A good ebook software to use is Editor Pro, you can find it at . You could allow other people to give away the ebook. They could just upload it to their own server. Every time someone downloads it, they will see your business ad.

AUTORESPONDER-Your course could be published on an autoresponder. You can sign-up to get a free follow-up autoresponder from all the free services on the internet. You can find them by typing in "free autoresponders" in your search engine of choice. Include a lesson of your course on each follow-up message sent. You could increase traffic by allowing advertisers to include their ad in the course. Ask them, in return, to advertise the free course at their web site. Just have them link to your web site.

There are many other formats you can use to create your free course; downloadable text, pdf, print format, fax-on- demand, cassette, video, etc. You can use all the methods above with all the formats to increase your traffic.


© Larry Dotson
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