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  • I have more than fifty pages on my website. Will you check them all in my Site Analysis?

  • Why should I choose you to perform this service? There are other firms who do this.

  • I have a webmaster (or web designer). Why do I need your service?!

  • How long after I place my order until I get my site's analysis report?

  • Can I hire you to correct the problems revealed in the report?

  • How much will it cost me to get my site redesigned?

    Q. I have more than fifty pages on my website. Will you check them all for my Site Analysis?

    In our experience, what's going right or wrong tends to be repeated throughout the pages of a website. If your website has more than 10 pages, we will select the pages, which are most representative of your site patterns, in order to identify your overall and specific areas of strength or weakness.

    These "key" pages will receive an in depth diagnosis of their:


    However, your ENTIRE site receives checks for broken links; load times; search engine visibility and link popularity.

    Q. Why should I choose you to perform this service? There are other firms who do this.

    I could say choose us because we typically cost less than those other services some cases...a whole LOT less and we do a good deal more:) But, the primary reason to choose us is we're a perfect blend of technical expertise with a solid emphasis on customer service. Our team's experience runs the range from sales and marketing experts to customer service managers; computer engineers; web developers and site administrators.

    Unlike traditional website design companies, our real world business experience provides a unique depth and scope to our ability to advise and guide our clients in a direction, which is first and foremost aimed at the needs of their customer base.

    Q. I have a webmaster (or web designer). Why do I need your service?!

    You need our service, especially if you have either of those! Do you honestly understand most of what they explain to you about your website? Have you ever had the feeling they were speaking a lot of technobabble? Our service allows you to find out in plain English what needs to be done and CAN be done to give you the best possible online presence for your business. One of the major benefits of a Site Analysis is it can be used by your webmaster or web designer to make necessary or desired corrections and improvements.

    Q. How long does it take after I place my order before I get my site's analysis report?

    For each Site Analysis, we assemble a panel of visitors to "test drive" your site. Following their evaluations, we run a series of diagnostic tests on your web pages. This data is then assembled into a comprehensive report and emailed to you. The entire process takes approximately 15-20 business days.

    Included with each Site Analysis is the availability of email or telephone support to answer questions pertaining to your report (limited to 2 communications). If additional support is desired,consultation is available for a nominal fee.

    Q. Can I hire you to correct the problems revealed in the report?

    Yes. We charge either by the project, or an hourly rate, whichever works out to be the least costly to our client.

    Q. How much will it cost me to get my site redesigned?

    That really depends on how much work needs to be done. Some sites just require tweaking and others require demolition and reconstruction:) If your site requires design of a user friendly interface and/or if navigation around the site is difficult, that will add to the cost.

    Please send an email to to request a quote. We charge either by the project, or an hourly rate, whichever works out to be the least costly to our client.

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    Don't Wait Until It's Perfect
    By David Berky

    The Nike slogan "Just Do It" is good advice.

    Lots of people are trying to create a website, product, article or any type of item that they will sell, distribute or make available to the public. But some hesitate to "let their child go." They won't post their website or start selling their product or distributing their article because they don't think it is ready.

    It's not perfect yet. It just requires a few more tweaks, a few more features, a few more revisions. Many of these products never see the light of day and are discarded when something else comes along. Their creator may move on, become disinterested or just give up.

    One term for this failure to offer their item to the public is known as "analysis paralysis". People can get so wrapped up in analyzing their websites, products or articles that they never consider them complete.

    I have seen this many times, especially with websites. Someone will come up with an idea for a business or informational website and work night and day on it. It will become their lifeblood. They will talk incessantly about it. But whenever I ask when it will be ready or posted, they always answer, "I just have to do a few more things" or "I just have to tweak it a bit more."

    I often encourage them to post it on the Internet so that others and I can look at it and give feedback. But always the response is "It's not ready yet." Unfortunately many of these sites never become ready.

    The trick is, especially with websites and products, to put something out there; just get it out into the marketplace. Then you will begin to receive feedback, critiques and of course, criticisms. But these are the real analysis that you need for your product. You need to know what other people think, not just what you think they will think - don't you think?

    The beauty of a website or a digital product like software, an eBook or an online article is that you can change it, mold it, adjust it and dink around with it as much as you like. But just dinking with it because you've got a hunch is not a very sound practice. You need to adjust your website or product based on measurable feedback and measurable results.

    For example, if you have a website, you can measure the traffic using your log files. You can see which pages people start on, follow their path through your site and see where they leave.

    If a high percentage are starting at your home page and never going further, you know that either your home page is turning off your visitors or the people coming to your site are not the type who are interested in what you have to offer.

    If you know you are getting targeted and "pre-qualified" visitors and you are fairly sure that they are or should be interested in the subject of your site, then you know that your home page is turning them off.

    Or maybe they are leaving on some other page. Maybe they get to the product description or call to action page and they leave in droves without making a purchase or following through on your desired response. Then you know that this page is somehow turning them off. Maybe they don't trust you yet; maybe something is missing; maybe your site design is a turn-off.

    But you will never know how people are going to react unless you put it out there and start testing, measuring and analyzing their responses. Actual responses from actual people, not just your guess on how people will respond.

    Here at Simple Joe, Inc. we make PC software and sell it on our website We employ the techniques of market research by putting something out there whether "perfect" or not and seeing how the public reacts to it. We start with a basic model of our software product with the features and functions that we think people will like. Then as we begin to test, distribute and sell the product we elicit and receive customer feedback.

    Many of the features we add to our products and the changes we make for the better are based directly on customer feedback. Often they are things we did not see or think of ourselves. They may even be things we considered but decided that people wouldn't want them. Then it turns out they do so we have to add those features.

    Each change based on our actual customer feedback makes our products more and more useful to our customers. This helps us "perfect" our products much more quickly and efficiently than we ever could just by guessing from our own experience.

    We take the same approach on our website. Often we will "just throw something out there" and see what happens. If we get the desired response we know we are on the right track. If not, we try something else and see what the results are. By tweaking our site and its pages we learn from firsthand experience what is going to work best - and what not to do.

    So the moral of this article is as Nike says, "Just Do It!" Get your site up, your product out there or your article distributed and see what feedback you get. Perfect your products based on actual feedback not your own guesses.


    David Berky is president of Simple Joe, Inc., makers of easy-to-use PC software featuring the world's easiest accounting software, Income & Expenses. Visit the Simple Joe website at